Setup Collection swatch app for Venture theme

If you want to enabled product page swatches, please put this code to the bottom of your product.liquid template:
<div id= "hiddenProductId" style="display:none;" data-product-id="{{}}"></div>

The code which is to be placed in collection.liquid to show the swatches on collection page is: product-selector="{{ }}"
In case collection.liquid have code {% section 'collection-template' %}
Open the collection-template section and search {% for product in collection.products %}
If that have include any snippet for example : {% include 'product-card' %}
Open snippet “Product-card” and add “product selector” code one Important thing is <a> anchor tag tag is not Pickup that code so you must add parent div and add “Product-selector” code

and then close div after the anchor tag Like this:

Then refresh your collection page