NOTE: If you are facing difficulty in setup of the app, we offer free of cost app setup. Contact us at

1. The swatch color icons may not show immediately because of browser caching. If you have already setup the app correctly and swatches/changes are not being shown, try clearing browser cache and the swatch colors will update.

Check this documentation and select your theme for setup instructions:

In case your theme is not present in the above documentation, please refer to this general theme setup guide:

2. Check the video below for app setup instructions. The code which is to be placed in theme is: product-selector=”{{ }}”

3. If you want to enabled product page swatches, please put this code to the bottom of your product.liquid template:
<div id="hiddenProductId" style="display:none;" data-product-id="{{}}"</div>

4. Swatch button for a variant will show only if the variant image is set for it, so check if your product variants have been assigned their respective images. See screenshot for reference

5. The app javascript loads only after the web page has finished loading, so the load speed of the swatch buttons is little slow for incerasing the loading speed of buttons, please add this line of code to the theme.liquid template of your theme.:
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”{{shop.secure_url}}/tools/csp/csp.js?shop={{shop.permanent_domain}}”></script>
You can add this line at the very end of your theme.liquid file, above the </body> tag: