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Collection Swatch Pug: speed up the loading of swatch icons on collection page

You can show color swatch buttons on your collections page using collection swatch pug app. The app javascript loads only after the web page has finished loading, so the load speed of the swatch buttons is little slow.

To overcome this issue and speed up the loading of CSP App code, please add this line of code to the theme.liquid template of your theme.

<script type="text/javascript" src="{{shop.secure_url}}/tools/csp/csp.js?shop={{shop.permanent_domain}}"></script>

You can add this line at the very end of your theme.liquid file, above the </body> tag:


Please note that in some themes the quickload may lead to quirky behaviour with the CSP. In most themes it works though.

If you have any query Please contact us on Techiepug Support

Show color swatch on your collection page and product page

if you want to add color swatches and patterns Like this ↑

collection swatch pug
Install CSP App Now!
These all functionality are available in CSP App Shopify app developed by Techiepugs. This app is used for Shopify E-commerce website. This app works on collection page and product page to add color swatches.

  • CSP adds color swatches that when clicked will show the linked variant image on the collection page.
  • User can easily Customize the swatch colors or add pattern image easily.
  • User experience will be improved as all available options can be seen on the collection page directly.
  • Show custom color swatch buttons on your product page instead of a boring dropdown.
  • Customize the colors or add pattern image as background to the swatch buttons easily.

Why You choose Collection swatch Pug?

  • No hidden/extra charges.
  • Excellent support via email – 24X6
  • User can easily set up the CSP App
  • On CSP Pug app is easy avail the opportunity to add color and image pattern for your product.
  • In which one amazing thing is that user can choose one design from 3 designs of the swatch icons
  • CSP Pug is free of cost setup


We also have added functionality for showing the swatch button on product page. This add on will be free for first 20 customers. Its like a ADDON of CSP pug.

Install the App now and get a 7 days trial period free of cost. You can checkout a live demo of the CSP app.
Note that this is a demo store for the CSP app. You can try the app on your store for free and see if it fits your needs.

CSP Pug app introduction Tutorial

If you have any query Please contact us on Techiepug Support