Collection Swatch Pug: speed up the loading of swatch icons on collection page

You can show color swatch buttons on your collections page using collection swatch pug app. The app javascript loads only after the web page has finished loading, so the load speed of the swatch buttons is little slow.

To overcome this issue and speed up the loading of CSP App code, please add this line of code to the theme.liquid template of your theme.

<script type="text/javascript" src="{{shop.secure_url}}/tools/csp/csp.js?shop={{shop.permanent_domain}}"></script>

You can add this line at the very end of your theme.liquid file, above the </body> tag:


Please note that in some themes the quickload may lead to quirky behaviour with the CSP. In most themes it works though.

If you have any query Please contact us on Techiepug Support

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